We have booked a condo on the beach for 2 nights to give us a break from the sightseeing and to have a chance to snorkel on the reef and swim with the turtles.
However we end up stuck in a miserable apartment watching the rain pound on our windows and listening to the wind howling through the cracks between the door and window frames and the wall. The apartment is right on the beach and has a huge balcony which would be nice if it was sunny, but those are the only two things it has going for it. The walls are bare, the furniture basic, the kitchen is barely stocked with the basic minimum of utensils, the bath towels are worn and shredded , and the mattress is one of those foam eggshell things. There is one blanket on the bed that is obviously for a twin bed and is perched on top of the king size mattress in a vain attempt to offer a little warmth to two occupants. At one time it was a bright orange color, but it is now so dirty and stained that it is a shabby grey. There is nothing else to put on the bed so we have to make the best of it.
In the kitchen there are four mugs, four plates and four bowls, a few of which match, but most don’t. The four knives, forks and spoons are so thin that they bend when any pressure is put on them. I don’t know whether the average tourist finds this acceptable for $180 a night but I can assure you that gay men don’t and won’t
Suffice it to say, that if you are looking for a condo on the beach in Akumal, I would strongly recommend that you do not stay at the Villas De Rosa

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