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86 Responses to To post a comment

  1. Hope says:

    Very great work at the topic of India. You tell me all aspects of life in India, even their life style, culture and people. Children in rough getup show their real life aspects. The last picture makes me laugh a lot to see a naked man. Women are also appearing there dresses. I want to say you congrates for this great article.

  2. ali says:

    i check this site very nice your topic is very intersting

    well done

  3. Caro Peel says:

    Oh dear, I dont think I have laughed so much – the English Couple, obviously close rellies of Barbara Windsor, had me in hysterics. Well done. I was a cruising virgin until crossing the Atlantic on Queen Mary 2 last week – although a sailor, why did we choose mid November to do this crossing – and I came to the conclusion that it was people watching at its best. Well done.

  4. andrew,
    your travel to chang mai remind me of 1985 when ed erik(age 13) and i went to chang mait. we had a great time riding elephants, going to a lot of wat’s. ed finally opted out and them we walk a cross the border into burma, where at once we were offered a bong for 50cents. ed, now being a usn capt wanted to run right back but erik and i kept him at bay for a couple of hours in the small burmese town. we have so many funny and good memories from there. thank you for yours.

    • andrew says:

      Hello Sam. How lovely to hear from you – and you bring back fond memories of us all in China. Lots of stories and lots of laughs from there too!
      Love from us both.
      Andrew and Gordon

  5. Cina says:

    Oh,my…….or I should say…, oye! Better times ahead!!

  6. Dan Blackwelder says:

    Fantastic photos. These floats appear to be far more interesting than the Rose Bowl. I also love Chiangmai ….I always found wonderful things to buy. Did you eat in the outdoor food court near the night market? Delicious and so cheap. Love the Blog… travels. DAN

  7. Graham says:

    I want a job as health & safety in that cave! Graham.

  8. Penny Culshaw says:

    John had a pen friend who lived in KL and we spent a wonderful holiday there a few years ago. We enjoyed Mallaca and especially a wonderfully restaurant called Mama Fatsos where we ate crab curry which was the best ever! We also spent a few days in Penang which was very interesting due to its colonial past.
    Loving your blog as usual
    Take care Pennyxx

  9. Rahul Rawat says:

    Nice topic, well done……..

  10. Very moving piece. Thank you for your insightful moments with the children. I felt I was with you part of the way. Foster

  11. char bailey crowe says:

    Sobbing as I tried to read this to the end……………….and between the tears, at the description of all the kids hanging from your body, a smile crept upon my face…..blessings upon your handsome head, your spread your love and then made THEIR day. I love you for what compassion you share. Kudos.

  12. andrew says:

    Thanks Char, but I hate to make a grown woman cry!

  13. Sheila Paterson says:

    What a fabulous experience traveling with you both. Thank you so very much.

  14. Michael Hoffman says:

    you writing is wonderful, as always, but the photos add immeasurably to the effect… apt

  15. jennifer says:

    What a sad day for everyone privy to the text messages. Love your writing and understanding of human nature. xx jenni

  16. jennifer says:

    sad day for some people. love your writing.

  17. Sam says:

    Oh! Hawaii is still great. One just has to stay away from Waikiki. Unless they want great mahi Mahdi tacos for lunch.

  18. sskesk says:

    Andrew. Hawaii is still great. Just stay area from the Waikiki shops area unless you need the Apple Store or great Mahi mahi tacos for lunch

    • andrew says:

      We did love being back. Will definitely return for a longer stay

      • jennifer says:

        We should have more festivals in the UK they do look fantastic and a great way of getting the community together mind you the weather helps.

        The large scale models are ugly though.
        Love the note about the bolster, It must be something we [ from lancashire ] have a thing about – I love them too. You can imagine how I giggled when I saw the photo – It wasn’t the photo – I was imaging your faces. What are they saying?
        Funny, funny funny – scene is set what ever next I wonder?

        Jenni xx

  19. sskesk says:

    andrew. Oh! I am so sorry to hear that Bali has gotten worse. When we lived in Guam, the early “90’s we went to Bali often as a retreat from Typhoons, etc. At that time it wasn’t too bad. I learned to never look at anything they were selling unless i really wanted it. and our son Erik just emptied his pockets and turned them inside out. He won his battle. I did not.

  20. jennifer says:

    Think I want to revert to being a vegetarian again. Poor piggies.

  21. jennifer says:

    Did I miss the kissing festival as the heading reads it actually is 2 x pigging out. Jenni x

  22. jennifer says:

    Last posting – all looks good but as you say the bus is very small and it states on the front it is in fact a rescue vehicle???. They will be hard pushed to attract many tourist if as you say the water situation is very poor. Gordon looks happy though so I guess all is well.

  23. jennifer says:

    Andrew you sound like Geoff. Your getting to grumpy. Gordon has the right Idea. Don’i complain until you really have to they wont listen when you need them to. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. xx

  24. jennifer says:

    The influence of the west is a virus, we helped make this monster what it is today. What a shame.

  25. jennifer says:

    This episode is more like it I couldn’t stop laughing – Geoff to as I read out your rendering of the day on the toboggan. Yippie for the Young at HEART XXX long my you reign. Beautilful photos.
    Gordon Looked pretty in PINK.

    xx Jenni

  26. jennifer says:

    Gordon what a wonderful way to spent your birthday Love from us xx

  27. jennifer says:

    Oh Dear what can I say about Ed. Not a lot – glad you ditched him boys. Pity you didn’t ask him for his 3rd of the bill. I would have loved you to take a picture of his face. It was a pity to see STARBUCK’s have also invaded this capital city . Effraim loves Tokyo so I hope you both did apart from the invading french man. Where to next on your never ending journey. xx

  28. judith says:

    dear G&A….bog train spotting is with you both…….Judithxxxxx
    next visit to a toilet BR green will be the paint of choice!!!

  29. jennifer says:

    The images you portray with words are just magical. no sure I liked the G string photo it rather spoiled the tattoos which is a first for me. The guy in the hat and sunglasses looks like an older version of J Depp quite scary I thought. How the hell did you get these pictures, I know you said they are open about their trade but This image is close up and personal. That’s why Effraim saw nothing untoward its all taken care of by the big boys.
    The girls as always look great so I expect you both enjoyed photographing them.

    Glad you feel you want o return at a later date.


  30. sskesk says:

    Aloha, So glad you enjoyed Alaska and saw the Johns Hopkins Glacier. My nephew lives in Alaska and i always hope those that go for the first time enjoy the magnificent scenery that is their trademark. Come to Honolulu this winter. we are there all of dec and half of January before se start off on a very mini adventure to New Zealand and Australia. If not, Hopefully we can meet somewhere again.
    Sam and ed too.

  31. Robert says:

    Wonderful shots of mankind, If everyone could travel more and see others, maybe there could be more understanding.

  32. Andy Beaudette says:

    The lady in Vancouver obviously could recognize class on the streets of Vancouver!!! Good on you guys!!!

  33. Sam Otel says:

    Truly a fabulous blog Andrew! Bookmarked for regular visits. Keep up the good work.

  34. wonderful blog! thanks so much!

  35. Clinton Harris says:

    Sorry about your jumbo flight attendant experience. “Bless his heart.” Perhaps there were a couple of air marshals hidden inside and ready to burst out, if needed.

  36. Moo says:

    Hi you two! Always looking forward to your next fabulous excursion. Just FYI, the country is spelled Colombia. I haven’t been there since I lived there at twelve years old and am very excited to read about your Colombian experiences. You must try arepas, mmmm so good! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. And any dessert with dulce de leche, like an arequipe, yum! If you want to be healthier, try the corn on the cob street vendors as well. And if you go to Bogota, the Gold Museum is not to be missed. Keep a close eye on your belongings! My father had his windshield wipers stolen and then the kids tried to sell them back to him. After a good look at my 6’1″ pissed off father with a big red beard they handed over the wipers and scampered off. Much love to you! : )

    • andrew says:

      Hi Moo!!! How lovely to hear from you
      Thanks for the spelling tip. Gordon is most upset as he is the editor and said he paid special attention to “Colombia”~! Not enough, obviously!
      Sadly we are only in Cartagena for a day. We were supposed to be there for the evening as well and we had a restaurant booked. But at the last minute the cruise ship changed the hours and now we are leaving earlier. So just a few hours to enjoy that fabulous city (we have been there before) and that is it for Colombia
      Much love to you – we miss you

  37. Moo says:

    I have to tell you that I just love your blog. The pictures are stunning and of course your writing is witty, entertaining, and educational…rating very high on my fabulosity meter! (I even love the beautiful borders.)
    What do you think? Does Cartagena or Cuba win the prize for the world’s most incomprehensible spanish?

  38. andrew says:

    Moo, many thanks for those lovely complements. Strangely enough we are off to Cuba when we get off the ship – 16 days driving ourselves around! There will definitely be blogs although the lack of wifi maybe a problem! We will let you know about their version of spanish. Have you been to Cuba?

  39. Robert says:

    Love CostaRica, spent a lot of time on the pacific side much better as I visited Limon once and said much the same as you but the other side we have visited several times and love it. Would love to go again.
    love your blog as always

  40. Dan Blackwelder says:

    Re Cuba scam……hard to believe, especially since in the past……just like Blanche Dubois……you have done so well “depending on the kindness of strangers”

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  42. Pradeep S says:

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  43. sanctum123 says:

    Hey Andrew..Short and Sweet blog…. keep sharing!!

  44. Robert King says:

    Andrew, you are always such a delight and I so enjoy your humor filled,crazy,fun,exciting,provacitive,sexy,informative–on & on & on! A true Joyfilled epic to unfold and treasure always . Please keep it up, Hugs and Aloha, Roberto King

  45. Sam Kristensen says:

    Andrew, Sam Kristensen back after a few years. Hopefully Ed’s Norwegian ancestors looked a little better that you’re pic. Hope to visit Norway and the Fiords someday. We are a little boring this year with Paris, London and Madrid to visit friends. Israel and Petra the winter. Any hints on Israel?
    Hope to meet up again. someday.

  46. Mark says:

    Oh darling…. I’m reading your blog in the Houston airport and laughing out loud…. which caused the other passengers to look at me

  47. andrew says:

    Mark, so glad to be of help – we know how you like to be the centre of attention

  48. I miss travelling, I miss meeting new people. Loved the blog and everything about it.

    • andrew says:

      Thanks for the comment. A world without travel is indeed a very sad one. I can’t wait to get back to seeing the world.
      Hopefully there will be a new blog for you sometime next year. Meanwhile keep well and stay happy.

  49. Irshad says:

    Hey Andrew..Short and Sweet blog…. keep sharing!!

  50. I love greece especially their mythology

  51. I really love this. I appreciate your work.

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  53. Very great work at the topic of India. You tell me all aspects of life in India, even their life style, culture and people. Children in rough getup show their real life aspects. The last picture makes me laugh a lot to see a naked man. Women are also appearing there dresses. I want to say you congrates for this great article.

  54. Daniel Crake says:

    Great Post!!! I really like your thoughts. You are one of the creative bloggers. I am waiting for your upcoming post… please post soon.

  55. Sarah Parker says:

    I miss traveling due to covid situation, I wish to be fitted with new normal. Your travel blog is very insightful and loved your precious observation. keep up your good work.

  56. Salman says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog while gathering some ideas for my travel blog article. Really impressed, your blog has very nice content. Excellent job.

  57. janny says:

    Very moving piece. Thank you for your insightful moments with the children. I felt I was with you part of the way. Foster

  58. Alex Clark says:

    Thanks for sharing more info!

  59. HR Jumadin says:

    Great Post!! I sincerely like your thoughts. You are one of the innovative bloggers. I am looking ahead to your upcoming post please post soon.

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  61. vengat says:

    fantastic. different perspective about india. laughed a lot. love your blog. The pictures
    are stunning.

  62. Chris & Carol McEwan says:

    Lovely to have your blogs back again! Apart from the entertainment, they save us from having to go on holiday…

  63. Dianne & Deb says:

    Thank you so much for your post; they have been missed.

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  65. Robert and says:

    Thank you for these amazing post, Would love to experience this

  66. POS FBR says:

    Truly a fabulous blog Andrew! Keep up the good work. Great post!!!

  67. Joefinn says:

    Great blog. I also agree with your point that The raised walkways give a safe as well as hiding place for the vulnerable chicks.

  68. Joefinn says:

    I really like your post. Huge thanks to you.

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