About Me

Two gay men traveling the world and noting their impressions; Is that how I want to introduce this blog? Well it certainly is what the blog is all about. Does the fact that we are gay matter? Well only in the sense that some of the adventures you will hear about may not happen to other travelers. Does the fact that we are English, but have lived in California for the last 30 years, matter. Well I think it makes for an interesting dichotomy in our outlook. It means we can travel on either passport, but at the time of writing they may be looked on as two of the most unpopular passports in the world. We have the reserve of the English, but with a patina of the California laid-back style. We love to take Cruises but often do not enjoy our fellow shipmates. Whenever possible we refuse to take the scheduled day trips on organized buses to prearranged destinations. Instead we make our own day trips, sometimes driving ourselves in countries where we cannot read the road signs, which can be a lot more entertaining, and often means we have no idea where we are. We love to travel in style and comfort as much as our situation allows, but we also love to travel to out-of-the-way-places where style and comfort are not available. We love to meet people from all over the world and hear their stories and learn how they live.

If you stay with us on our journeys, you will read about the places we visit, and learn about the people we meet. You will also come to know a little about me. You will see that I enjoy the small moments of our travels, particularly if they have a sense of the absurd about them. You will also realize that I delight in the observation of the people around me, and may not always describe them in the most flattering light. But in all cases the names are changed so as not to cause offense.

I hope my stories will make you laugh, and occasionally make you cry. But most of all I hope the stories make you care. Care about the world we live in, care about the people we meet, from the hill tribes of Burma to the Maoris of New Zealand, and care enough to maybe make some journeys of your own.

11 Responses to About Me

  1. Ken Hayes says:

    I’m not blind, nor dead (I can still pinch myself, although I would truly prefer someone else would do it…) BUT, I’m NOT on your mailing list! Even the Queen has me on her mailing list! (Or is that a Blacklist, my memory is not what it used to be). Please lower your standards (Is that possible?) and add me to your list, so I can print out your blog and continue to kill trees……

  2. mj says:


  3. Donald Oxford says:

    Andrew, I’m enjoying your travels with you. I had no idea you had the talent of writing cleverly.
    Just got back from PV. All is well & quiet. Friday I head to Montreal. Then Washington DC
    Hope Gordon is feeling better.
    Don Oxford

  4. As two gay men do you find that your sexuality has ever caused problems abroad? Specifically in countries where such relationships are illegal? I myself am gay and want to travel the world but am concerned about some countries.

    • andrew says:

      We have never had a problem in any country we have visited and we have been to several where homosexuality is illegal and even punishable by death. We always share a hotel room, but are always aware of where we are and behave accordingly. A little discretion may be needed, but please don’t restrict your travels because you are gay. It’s a great big world out there, and no one will pay you any attention unless you deliberately seek it out. Have fun!

  5. Pat says:

    Did your German nemesis tell you “you vill sitzen down, you vill eat duck and you vill behave”?
    For a deity, you wear your marigolds well. It appears the wad in your crotch has been remedied…talking clothes here, you know.

  6. Can’t thank you enough for the pure pleasure you have given us reading your blog’s.
    Please continue sharing your wonderful adventures. We’re awaiting the next with bated breath.

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