Limassol and Marmaris

From Israel we go to Limassol, Cyprus and then to Marmaris, Turkey. We are both a little frazzled after the excitement of Israel and so we do little at either town, and just take advantage of two beautiful places with lovely sea fronts and picture perfect beaches.
We are both dazzled by the extraordinary beauty of the Turkish Coast in this region. Lovely green mountains falling steeply into the crystal blue sea with occasional secluded bays, some with small towns, others seemingly inaccessible other than by boat. And everywhere there are sail boats, quietly cruising the coast. My kind of place!

But enough of this travel stuff – we need to get back to the Boca Raton Mafia, I may not have mentioned them lately, but have been missing them as much as you have. Our three days wandering the wilds of Israel was wonderful, despite the fact that it deprived us of their company. We were certainly not traveling anywhere where we might have bumped into them.
But all is about to change. After our quiet day in Limassol, we return to the boat and immediately spot them sipping cocktails by the pool.. Louise Brooks raises her hand above her head and makes a circular motion with her hand in our direction, causing the sun to glint off the bejeweled fingers. It’s not actually a wave, more of a summons. If she could have snapped her fingers she would have, but the fingernails and the jewelry make it hard to do.
She is glowing. Her smile stretches from one ear to another (not easy to do when your skin is that taught) and she looks like the cat that got the cream
“Guess what we have done today” she says breathlessly.
Several things come to mind, but I refrain from mentioning any of them. Instead I wait for the answer that she is so clearly desperate to tell me
“ We had lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel”, she exclaims, positively purring at this point.
“Of COURSE you did”, I reply, intimating that lunching at the Four Seasons was clearly where she belonged, but secretly thinking, “Damn Her! Her day was waaay more fabulous than mine!”
She then links her arm in mine and walks me away from the rest of the Mafia. It is obvious that she is about to spill some private and confidential information, and I can’t wait to hear it. And you know me – the soul of discretion
“I am Tony’s second wife”, she confides in a stage whisper . This is the first time I have heard his name. To me he will always be Don Corleone, but if that isn’t going to be his real name, then Tony is perfect.
She continues “We have been married 5 years, and he is a wonderful man. His first wife died, you know. He has two grown sons who are perfectly pleasant to me , but don’t love me, and clearly have no intentions of sharing their inheritance with me. And I have three children of my own, but they are not going to look after me when I get old. So I have to get every thing I can NOW!” The last word was spat out with great emphasis. “This life is all about me, and no one else is going to look after ME, so I am going to spend as much of his money as I can.. And you know….., I am worth it. I am fabulous “ ( not content with his money, she is now stealing my lines), “I look fabulous and I make sure Tony has a good time.”
A little later we see them in the Casino (their usual evening spot, presumably because Don Corleone gets a percentage). I gently tease him about the fact that he is probably trying to earn some more money to pay for their next lunch in the Four Seasons. He shrugs his shoulders and beams. “What’s a man to do”, he says. “She loves to do things like that, and I love to make her happy”
How fabulous is that – I hope Gordon is listening!

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  1. Eric Lagasca says:

    Glad you're off your Travel Channel mode and back to E! LOL

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