Steam Heat!

Once off the bus an entirely new form of sensory overload takes over. We are on Ipanema Beach. If this was an opening scene to a movie, Bette Midler would be singing Steam Heat over the titles. It is fabulousIpanema (2)We are wearing shorts and shirts and we both feel incredibly overdressed. It appears that no one in this city wears anything but skimpy bathing suits. That seems entirely appropriate for the beach, but elsewhere perhaps not so much:

People on the bus and waiting for the bus


Young people in nice restaurants

The Naked Lunch?

The Naked Lunch?

Older men having coffee


They walk the streets and the beach like this. Hardly anybody wears a hat which seems strange in the heat of the sun, but what is even stranger is that no one carries anything. Keys and wallets or purses are nowhere to be seen. Women have the advantage of having a couple of places to tuck a small purse, but for men the choice is rather limited, somewhat uncomfortable and could lead to false advertising.

Rio is justifiably famous for its beautiful people, and we see stunning young men

Tall and tanned

and stunning young women

.. and when she passes

.. and young and lovely

strutting their stuff in skimpy swim suits.

But what is really liberating about this town is that everyone, no matter what their shape, struts their stuff in skimpy swim suits. And believe me some have a lot more stuff to strut:


and when she passes


each one he passes

Although many people care what they look like in their swimwear



many more don’t give a damn



That too sets the Fabulosity Meter ringing.

And if you are spending the day on the beach and suddenly feel the need of a new outfit, there is no need to move – you can find one right there


Cop a bikini on Copacabana

We spend most of the day strolling along the beach. When we get tired of looking at the beautiful and the not so beautiful people we stop for a drink at one of the tiny cafes, where amazingly we can sit and listen to funky looking bands playing terrific samba musicP1000323

It is an amazing day and a FABULOUS city.

We LOVE it.

At this point, dear readers I might offer you another Passenger of the Week. But this time, in honour of this wonderful city where anything goes, and a lot of people do, I thought I would offer a small competition. I am posting a photo below which is in need of just the right caption. Please add your suggestion below. The winner receives absolutely nothing but my gratitude and the appreciation of all the other readers



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13 Responses to Steam Heat!

  1. William Burns says:

    Caption: “It’s stuck where?”

  2. Dane Moore says:

    have you seen the cap to my suntan lotion?

  3. David Asmodeus says:

    Honey – you don’t need lotion where the sun don’t shine.

  4. Suzie says:


  5. Suzie says:

    Graham says: you should see my face!

  6. stedders38 says:

    I can hear a phone ringing…

  7. Looks wonderful! Can’t wait to go!

  8. Patricia Campbell says:

    Put the lotion on your what?

  9. Colin says:

    Where’s my bike?

  10. Bonnie says:

    No one likes to be the butt of a joke.

  11. Evan says:

    My dear you just crack me up !

  12. DuncanK1 says:


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