Amazon Finale

A vacation and a blog both cut short in their prime by a problem with a tiny body part. An eye may be small but it carries a lot of weight. You have no idea how hard it is to write when you can’t see. As usual I am being over dramatic but “floaters” and an oily film have made seeing out of one eye virtually impossible and I have heeded the call of my doctor and am returning home for treatment.

In real time I am now two weeks ahead of the last blog about Rio De Janiero, and I can’t leave you without a quick impression of our travels.

We have spent over a week now cruising the AmazonP1010389and it has been fascinating.

Most cruise ships only get as far as Manaus:P1000939

We got there too and were lucky enough to catch a rehearsal at the opera house:P1000950But as this is a small ship we managed to go a little further up the Amazon. There are lots of great stories to tell and photos to view – sadly I have to save them for another day.

But I can’t leave you without telling of some of the great people we have come across.

Venturing further up the Amazon than most other cruise ships created an amazing opportunity for us to encounter some Amazon tribes people.

We were greeted by a tribal elder outside the tribal meeting center:P1000915

by a proud man with a fabulous profile:P1000826

a charming young man with a winning smileP1000836an even younger man with an equally winning smileP1000931

by wives with their babies,P1000833

and last but by no means least, a proud young boy with a monkey he had just caught:


But there was more to come.

We met an overdressed woman who fell heavily for Gordon:P1000751

But she was too late. Gordon had already fallen for an under dressed manP1000752

And who can blame him!

Sailing on Seabourn has been an amazing experience and the highlight of the entire trip was when they reached the furthest point up the Amazon of our trip. Here they stopped near a deserted beach so that they could set up what they described as a “picnic” for us. At seven o’clock in the evening we were ferried ashore to the the most fabulous picnic setting I have ever seen: tables set with linens, each place setting having an eight piece silver cutlery setting and four different drinking glasses:P1000824We feasted on champagne and huge barbecued catfish caught that day in the river:P1000820The fabulosity meter can still be heard!

And finally dear readers there are the passengers of the week I have been collecting for your enjoyment. They will all have to be discarded now. But there is one, so much better than the rest, that I have to share with you now. What better way to keep a smile on your face until we meet again, than this photo of a classy fellow travelerP1000258Meanwhile stay tuned – there will, I hope be many more travel adventures to come and I look forward to taking you all with me once again

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8 Responses to Amazon Finale

  1. Awc49 says:

    So glad you made it to Manaus Opera house and a rehearsal. And further to a sublime picnic which now you will have to up-scale your fabulous picnics. But NOT pleased to hear about your ocular troubles. Keep in touch!

  2. Nancy Whotley says:

    Our thoughts are with you. Hoping for best possible results. Nancy and Bob.

  3. brin says:

    I’m *so* sorry about your eye and about your having to cut your vacation short. It sounded like such a fascinating (and certainly very eventful) trip; how disappointed you must be. But of course you’re making the right decision. Good luck–we’ll look forward to hearing that everything is fine with your eye and reading about your plans for your next trip!

  4. Judith says:

    How wonderful is that opera house, catfish & Gordon’s new friends (not necessarily in that order!) Do look after yourself and let us know how you get on. Judithxxx

  5. David says:

    Thank you both for all the wonderful stories. Hope all goes well with the Doc on Friday and we anxiously wait further news D&F

  6. Pat Campbell says:

    Oh dear, Andrew, sorry to hear of your vision issue. Sometimes “small body parts” are issues unto themselves, but an eye is pretty important to someone like yourself who takes such wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to see a picture of Gordon as I feared you had disposed of him and were just telling us he was there. I love the profile picture of the Aztec Indian, how regal and of course, Gordon, and the young man. Best wishes and good news with your eye.

  7. Colette says:

    After your doctor’s visit on Friday, can you fly back to continue with your trip and write the rest of your stories? Would really hate to miss them…
    Wonderful photos – especially the people (including Gordon) – as usual
    Love, and assuming the best with modern medicine for your eye, Andrew

  8. ELaG says:

    Oh boo! I’m with Colette. Get thee to the doctor and back to the blog quickly, please. 😉


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