The Bikaner Fort

Rajasthan is famous for its forts.

These are not forts as we might think of them. These are huge fortress walls enclosing the Maharajah’s palace, a temple and an entire army. There are often gardens to go with the palace, vegetable gardens to feed the army as well as live animals.

The Junagarh fort at Bikaner is one of the lesser known forts but is one of the biggest and often considered to be the most beautiful. Most forts are known for their intricate sandstone carved walls. But the Bikaner fort is known for it’s incredible frescoes and decorations. Building began in the 16th century and the last additions were made in the early 1900’s

Inside the fort walls, the attraction is the Maharajah’s Palace.

The palace walls are white


with some decoration


But inside the rooms are covered with frescoes and ornate painting


It is the only palace that features flora and fauna rather than animals and people. The walls are covered with paintings


the ceilings are painted


as are the doors


The Maharajah’s “throne” room really sets the Fabulosity Meter off again


the arch above his seat is encrusted with precious stones


Then there are the shrines, the walls of which have been created with willow pattern china from England.


Vast quantities of china were purchased in England, shipped to India and then smashed into pieces to make the tiles for the shrines.

Even I find that a little excessive.

But if it’s excessive you want, nothing quite matches what is to follow.

Stay tuned

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11 Responses to The Bikaner Fort

  1. Robin says:

    And now for the history lesson… Bikaner 80 years ago –

    • andrew says:

      Thanks Robin. Only you would be able to lay your hands on that movie in an instant. Fascinating stuff. And nothing much has changed. The buildings, people, street scenes all look the same. The only diffrence is the cars were older and there were a ;lot more trees around The Maharajah’s Palace.

  2. Bonnie says:

    And here for all to see…a very happy birthday Andrew!! (Even if it’s a day late.)

  3. Pat Campbell says:

    Between Robin and Andrew I am learning a lot about India. The written word I am sure cannot convey the enormity of some of these places, but it is wonderful to read. Happy Birthday, belated I gather, Andrew.

  4. Angie Bennett says:

    Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe this art work. Thanks for sharing

  5. DNA says:

    Not to be overly nitpicky so near to your birthday, Andrew, but “fauna” means animals. We loved the Road to Bikaner installment almost as much as the installment describing peeing in the Amazon jungle several years ago. Keep up the good times,

  6. Lynda Bourgeois says:

    Feliz compleanos mi Amor y Esposo antes.

  7. Vera Roth says:

    I enjoyed the pictures and the comments and also the film. Thank you.

  8. Debosmita says:

    Thank you for this fabulous blog with amazing photos . Bikaner is a vibrant, dust-swirling desert town with fabulous forts. It’s less dominated by tourism than many other Rajasthan cities, though there are many places to visit in Bikaner full of amazing flora and fauna to explore.

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