A Sad Farewell

It is over a month since we met Vicky, a bright and appealing young man, who at the age of eighteen impressed us greatly. We could see good things happening to him and hope he gets to better himself and see more of the world.Vicky

But now we see that the end of his journey may well be on a funeral pyre by the side of the Ganges. But to the Hindus it is just another chapter and he will return to this world in another body at another time.

We too have come to the end of our journey, and we would very much like to return to India sometime soon. But hopefully it will be in our existing bodies and without the aid of a funeral pyre.

It has been a fascinating trip. We have seen some fabulous sights, but as always it is the people we meet who make it special and I would like to leave you with a few of the faces we vividly remember.



















and that


The End


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22 Responses to A Sad Farewell

  1. Pat Kelly says:

    Hi! You don’t know me…but I live next door to Ken and Eric in Horizon…Ken sent me the link to your blog and I have been enjoying it ever since…I have actually been planning our trip at the same time I was reading about yours… But I have to know…what happened to Vicky? I’m not sure who he was (I believe your driver’s name was different)…I have only been reading for the past week…but am curious and sadden to hear… Your pics and blog are awesome…I would love to meet you sometime when you are back in PV! My husband and I are just now planning a 7 month around the world trip…the past years we have only done 3 months at a time…so this is an undertaking to plan…your blog has helped me with India… Safe travels… Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 00:52:50 +0000 To: patlk60@hotmail.com

    • andrew says:

      Thanks so much. You will be delighted to know that nothing happened to Vicky, I was merely commenting that when his life comes to an end he will no doubt be burned on a funeral pyre. He was a charming tour guide we met on one of our first days.
      We will be in PV for a few weeks starting March 6th so hopefully we will meet then.

  2. Bonnie Gellas says:

    I always love a visual joke. Welcome home.

  3. rmprince says:

    Thank you for an entertaining, amusing, surprising, highly emotional and incredibly beautiful journey through India. I look forward to your next journey.

  4. Evan Anderson says:

    Thank You for the great stories!!! So vivid I am presently scared. hehe. I so love traveling in somebody”s bedroom. LOL, The Camels, and Oh My, the death monks. I too have been thrown out of places for drinking . I hope to see you soon and am looking forward to your next adventures. Cheers EVAN

  5. Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey, I loved every bit of it, you are an amazing writer and I look forward to seeing you somewhere sometime.
    I wish I had this ability when we travel next month to Bhutan.
    Sending you both love

  6. Claudette Robinson says:

    Loved your trip to India. You are a great writer. Hated to see the trip end. Will meet again sometime at Vista del Sol. Unfortunately not until next year as we return to Scottsdale in the morning.

  7. brin says:

    What an fun and fascinating blog you write, and what interesting places you go to. Your writing is wonderfully funny yet so descriptive and vivid. I enjoyed every entry so much; I’m so grateful that you take the time to share your pictures and experiences with us! Thank you!

  8. Peter says:

    Many thanks for sharing another one of your fabulous trips with us.
    Peter & Bob

  9. This was the most fabulous trip yet! Thank you so much for taking us with you, Andrew. Please have a safe trip home and fly away again soon!

  10. Graham Bond says:

    Please put Teignmouth on your next itinerary have so much enjoyed travelling off the beaten track with you both It reminds me of just how much I love you guys So glad you can be bothered to share it all Huge hug and kisses to you both. Suzie xxxxx

  11. Rick Sauter says:

    Andrew, I received your blog via Elizabeth Zemmels and have been absolutely fascinated and entertained. Your people photos are outstanding! What camera were you using?

    • andrew says:

      Hi Rick. So glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos. I could make it sound like I was using some incredible camera to impress you. But infact it was just a pocket Canon Power Shot with a powerful zoom.

  12. ben says:

    Hahahah LOL I like the last photo. Fabulous indeed!

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