Lake Maggiore, Italy

We spent a few days visiting our families in England, which would of course make a much more interesting blog than anything else I have written, but I don’t (usually) do family!

Then it was off to Italy for a much more relaxing time.

Well, just look at the hotel:

2526 Orta hotel

The fabulosity meter, which I had almost forgotten about, is suddenly back in action. It rings appreciatively as I get out of the car, but then when I get inside it goes crazy:

2462 orta hotel inside

the restaurant runs along the back of the hotel and just happens to have two Michelin stars.

2533 orta restaurant

Outside again, I discover that I can sit under their little sun umbrella for shade:

2531 orta sun umbrella

Even my car has it’s only little place to rest

2529 orta car umbrellas

The only drawback is that it is in the hills above the lake and there is no lake view.

But I am in heaven





Or would be if I was actually staying there.

This is where I am staying:

2541 my room maggiore

The fabulosity meter has returned to where ever it came from and is too ashamed to ever be seen again.

But I wanted to be on the lake, and when I open the balcony doors, I feel a little better

2447 hotel balcony

And when I step out onto the balcony I am happy

2448 lake view from balcony

The Fabulosity meter is still not convinced. But then it doesn’t care that the cheapest room available in the first hotel was $1000 a night.

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10 Responses to Lake Maggiore, Italy

  1. Nancy whitley says:

    We are now in Piemonte in an apartment which the fabulosity meter would Bletchley at. However, the weather is now perfect. Mid 70’s during the day. No humidity. Nothing like the brutto caldo of last week in the Veneto.

  2. Nancy whitley says:

    Don’t you love auto correct. Bletchley is a new way of saying bletch.

  3. jenni CATLOW says:

    Am I missing something

    Italy is not between Brighton and Portsmouth xx

  4. Bonnie says:


  5. dwayne & Lawrence, Surrey, BC, Canada says:

    WOW!!! From Cousin Fred in England to Italy and a real “Italian Lake”!!! The view makes up for the room, it would seem.

    Great Blogs as usual, guys!!

    Dwayne & Lawrence

  6. awc49 says:

    Darling, fabulosity is where YOU are, not you Mercedes parked under a shady tent!! I know you had a great time regardless!

  7. Don Oxford says:

    Hey boys
    Just spent 2 weeks driving around that area. We stayed in Varallo for 1 week. Out of 100 days of moving around Europe, Northern Italy has the greatest topography in my opinion.
    Have more fun. See you in Vallarta.

  8. Wendell and Steven says:

    You are now getting more elegant and of course that is both of you….We are also going to be in Italy in Sept and Oct…..Never been, so it should be a lot of fun…..have a great trip….Wendell and Steven

  9. Angie Bennett says:

    I want to go there

  10. M.J.Simmons says:

    OMG I love Italy but I have never been to Maggiore Lake and it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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