It’s all about the people

The question I get asked more than any other, is why do I choose to go to all these places. There is only one answer, and it applies to every single place I have traveled to.

It is the people

And here are some of the wonderful people I met on this trip. I have to start with this amazing  lady whom  I met in a tiny village miles from anywhere where there is no doctor, no social services, no help of any kind. When I met her, she was about half a mile from her village. She had seen our car stop and wondered who we were. She had walked the half mile to find out.  She is 96 years young and looks after herself


But she was only one of many senior citizens I met, all of whom had such wonderful faces






And then there were the beautiful women. So many of them in their lovely saris, but there is one in particular that I will remember


And everyone we met was so friendly and open, and this young man’s welcoming face says it all


And of course there were the children.






Sadly the time has come to say goodbye to them alldscn4238

and if there is one face I will never forget it is this one


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22 Responses to It’s all about the people

  1. David & Frank says:

    The Indian people old and young are beautiful

  2. Dan Blackwelder says:

    I just saw the movie LION last night. You must find a way to see it. Bring tissues.

  3. Clinton Harris says:

    I love these photos! Yes, beautiful people- young and old! Your photography also is brilliant! Especially in the close-ups, you can see the world in their eyes! Thank you for sharing your travels. Truly, your fabulosity meter must be singing!

  4. Patricia Campbell says:

    I so agree with Clinton. It’s is always the eyes. How fortunate that we have been able to see what your eyes have seen. It is a blessing for us all.

  5. Mark says:

    I love seeing the world through your writing, humor and photos of beautiful places and people…….. Muchisimas Gracias for sharing…………

  6. James says:

    Andrew! This is the best – truly, everywhere, it’s the people. Cheers! jp

  7. Jack says:

    There is nothing more satisfying to me than rubbing shoulders with different cultures and people of the world. In this case wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ian Crawford says:

    What marvellous photographs that capture the beauty of the subjects and of India.
    The physical and spiritual goodness , grace and style, curiosity and vitality of people in a chaotic modern world. How wonderful. Thank you for sharing your insightful and fun travel stories with us all.

  9. Jerry says:

    Thank God for you being a God too!
    The photos are beautiful, there is so much meaning in the eyes and faces, truely fabulous.!

  10. Bonnie S Gellas says:

    Why the last one??

  11. Susan sandulak says:

    I have never left a comment before Stunning photos Thank you

  12. Patricia Campbell says:

    Andrew, you know me, I rarely am quiet, but in regards as to no one’s commenting on your posts and pics and observations, perhaps you should consider that they are so moving, it’s hard to find words that do them justice. You and Gordon let some of us live through your adventures. Will we EVER see you on the steps in PV?

  13. Patricia Campbell says:

    de nada, amigos

  14. Judith says:

    Beautiful. These photos should be compiled in a book.

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