The polar bear has the last laugh

Despite what you may think from reading my blog, our Arctic Cruise ended two weeks ago – I just can’t type fast enough to keep up!

Unfortunately we both came down with Covid at the end of the cruise and the last two weeks have not been worthy of any of my usual scribblings, as we have tried to get rid of the virus in time for the next cruise, which begins tomorrow. We have been coughing and lethargic but not unduly sick. But we had to test negative before we would be allowed on the next cruise.

Finally we both tested negative yesterday. A close call, but we made it!

So dear readers, please stay tuned and hopefully there will be more blogs to come.

Meanwhile, the polar bear that I compared to a sheep a while ago, has just managed to send me a heart felt message.

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3 Responses to The polar bear has the last laugh

  1. Bonnie says:

    Glad you are on the mend and ready to rumble!

  2. Cina Hodges says:

    Giggle Giggle 😂 so happy to hear you both are on the mend !! ❤️Where are you cruising to this time !

  3. Graham & Suzie says:

    So glad that you only had a mild dose and have recovered in time for the next cruise. Can’t wait for the next instalments!

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