Kitty Galore

 Websters Dictionary. New words added in 2015:

Kittify : verb :definition:

  1. To render in the likeness of Hello Kitty
  2. to render in the spirit of Hello Kitty using only pastel colors and terminally cute cartoon figure(s)

Origin:  andrews fabulous travel blog

 Date first used:  2015

Kittyfication    : noun: definition:

1: end result of a place or object being kittified. See Kittify

Over Kittyfication :  Descriptive phrase : definition:

Too much !!

Used exclusively when referring to Eva Airlines: See photo:



What the three young ladies were doing dressed like that, and why they were apparently practicing their golf swings, I have no idea, because very sadly this was not the plane Eva Air had decided to fly Gordon and I on to Taipei.

Dear readers, those of you who possess an aptitude for remembering the more inconsequential ramblings on these pages may recall that I have flown Eva Air before and went on at some length about the pastel colors of the planes and the prominence of Miss Kitty around Taipei Airport. A return visit to Taipei has shown that things have progressed dramatically . Taipei airport has been well and truly kittified (see above)

The first indication of this is the rather smart passport control area, every surface of which has now been painted in pastel shades of blue and green. There are signs everywhere prohibiting photographs, presumably to save them from any further embarrassment, but in the interest of substantiating a rather doubtful story, I risked immediate deportation and took a quick snap.


Once through passport control the full extent of of kittification is apparent. We are welcomed by Hello Kitty,


We can pack our Hello Kitty suitcases


our duty free purchases can go in Hello Kitty bags



and we can use Hello Kitty’s phone


Even the mundane items have been kittified, with the use of pastel colors and cute graphics.

The signs for the toilets:


The Post Office


And even the Bank of Taiwan has succumbed:

DSCN0017Fortunately for us, and for you, Taipei was just somewhere to change planes. We now fly on to Chiang Mai via Bangkok.

Our flight is delayed and by the time we land in Bangkok there is barely twenty minutes to catch our flight to Chiang Mai. The flight attendant announces that there are a few passengers trying to make the connection and if we hurry we might make it as the departing flight will wait for us for a short while. The waiting plane is of course just about as far away as it could possibly be – plus we have to go through immigration. After 24 hours of flying our stress level is high and our tolerance is low, but we prepare ourselves for the mad rush.

As we run off the plane in full flight we come face to face with a young man holding a sign with our names on it. He explains that as business class passengers we will be escorted to the next plane. We have a private buggy waiting for us. We jump on after the young man, and he puts the pedal to the metal. We pass several mobility impaired travelers who perk up considerably at the sight of our buggy. But the young man stops for no one. We suffer a moment of shame, but fortunately it is just a moment and passes quickly.

Next we are ushered to the front of a long line of people waiting to pass through immigration, our passports are stamped and within moments we are sitting in our business class seats on the flight to Chiang Mai. We sit for another twenty minutes as the pilot waits for the less fortunate travelers who have had to make their own way on foot from the previous flight. Finally they start to arrive, flustered, harried and overheated. I hold my hand over my glass of champagne, anxious to avoid their dripping sweat falling into my drink. I smile graciously at them as they pass to the back of the plane.

I raise my glass to Gordon and finish the champagne

Finally we are on our way to Chiang Mai.




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7 Responses to Kitty Galore

  1. Baz says:

    Love the hand over the champagne glass moment. The Hoi polloi can be so intrusive, can’t they?

  2. Graham & Suzie says:

    Thank goodness We were worried you might be in the taxi that was given a haircut by the falling plane! S&G XXX

  3. Pat says:

    Aha, you gentlemen are once again on the move. Hello, Kitty, eh, waay to much pink and stuff, but certainly eye catching. I, too, was worried perhaps you all had been on the ill fated plane. Glad you are “bubbling” your time away safely.

  4. Exciting to be once again on your adventure, love Thailand foster

  5. awc49 says:

    A glass (or three) of bubbles certainly help the Kitties fade and the Elephants turn pink! Bon voyage!!

  6. susiemargaret says:

    hi, andrew —

    i’m so happy to see the beginning of another fabulous travel blog! i’ve been starving for some fabulosity lately.

  7. Jenny says:

    …and they’re back! I’m having trouble typing this as I’m laughing so much. Can’t wait for the next installment. Have a wonderful time. xx

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