Hawaii’s gone to the dogs

We used to go to Hawaii every year. And then we discovered Mexico

The last time we were in Honolulu was to celebrate Gordon’s 50th birthday. He will not be happy if I say how long ago that was, but let’s just say it was the year AOL raised their monthly  internet access fee from $19.95 to $21.95.

As the Crystal Serenity sails into Honolulu we both feel like we are coming home. We hadn’t realised how much we had missed Hawaii. We are only here for an afternoon and evening and sadly Gordon is recovering from a rather nasty cold and doesn’t feel like dealing with the heat and the humidity, so  I go for a long walk and a swim.

Honolulu has changed dramatically since our last visit. Gone are all the tacky souvenir stalls and shops (well most of them) to be replaced by street upon street off seriously upmarket and expensive designer stores. But while the stores have become more expensive and stylish, the tourists haven’t

Honolulu what a dog


Even their pets are better dressed than they are


Honolulu Dog 1


Honolulu Dog 4


Honolulu Dog 2

In the evening we take the bus back into town for something to eat.

We sit behind a young couple sharing their music. Head phones come from her phone and he has one ear plug in his ear and she has the other in hers.

Aaaaaaaah! We think. How sweet is that:

Honolulu Texting couple

But we are wrong.

We notice that they are both busy texting. Then we notice that he composes and sends a very long text and puts his phone down. A moment later she  picks up her phone, looks at it for a while and composes and sends a very short text.

She then puts her phone down.

Moments later he  picks his up.

It doesn’t take us long to realise that they are actually texting each other.

I look at Gordon

He looks at me

And without saying a word, we both know what we should do. It is one of those wonderful moments of complete mutual understanding that can be so heartwarming and affirming.

We lean forward so that we can read their texts.

The bus journey just flies by. The writing is not particularly good (an understatement if there ever was one), but the content is fascinatingHonololu Texting

At first, we feel so sorry for him. He is pouring his heart out to his girlfriend (all be it by text!) and she wants none of it. Her replies are short and dismissive.

He actually starts crying

Then we notice that on the top right hand corner of his phone (see the photo above) is a little Miss Kitty icon. What has she been thinking. She is right. He has to go.

When they come to their stop, he takes the ear plug out of his ear and hands it to her, with a pleading look. She takes it without even a glance or an acknowledgement. They get off the bus and she waits to see which way he will turn, and then goes the other way.

They have sat next to each on the bus for almost thirty minutes and during that time not one single word has been spoken nor have they even looked at each other. But they have broken up.

We look at each other.

Was it easier in our day?

Or not?

Does this make us feel really old?

Do they even know what AOL is?

Should I tell you how long ago it was that we came to Honolulu…………………


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5 Responses to Hawaii’s gone to the dogs

  1. Pam Varga says:

    Great getting these again Andrew. They always crack me up! Love the Hawaii texting one . I have a Smart phone but I still don’t relate to today’s young people and their affinity to theirs. I pass all your blogs onto Bill. Cheers!

  2. Baz says:

    Couples broke up without a word in our day, but that was because one of them had chickened out and left the relationship without saying anything. Talking of which, I won’t say a word about how long ago it was that Gordon had his 50th birthday!

  3. David says:

    I am sure that Amanda Blake will be pleased to know that 40 years after Gunsmoke is off the air there are still loyal fans out there.

  4. "M" says:

    The texting episode is remarkable, but not unique. In 2009 I was watching a Chinese movie on TV (on a cruise ship), and a couple were texting each other while alone in a bedroom ! Even though texting in Chinese is VERY hard.

  5. Bonnie says:

    This is a story that needs to be published to a wider audience. So 21st century!!

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