Cuba and the FABULOUS Cars!

This blog needs no words, it is just a collection of photos of the truly wonderful cars that we saw everywhere in Cuba. It is about the only thing in Cuba that got the Fabulosity Meter ringing. If anyone is particularly interested I have many more photos I would be happy to share











Motorbikes with side cars are also very popular


But just as popular with tourists are the local “coco taxis”




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6 Responses to Cuba and the FABULOUS Cars!

  1. Bob Colin says:

    absolutely incredible! What a great trip! thanks for sharing. It’s been a great trip.The cars are amazing. I would love to see your collection.

  2. BAZ says:

    Number five is my favourite. Although I’ve been reliably informed by people who know more about cars than me (just about everyone) that few, if any, of these cars have their original engines. Who cares? You can’t see the engines.

    • andrew says:

      Baz, Apparently everything is cobbled together from other cars, or if that isn’t possible they make the parts themselves. There are no spare parts for these cars so the owners have to be very creative. Most owners do everything themselves. Glad I don’t live there – I prefer to buy a new one when the old one has a problem. But I have kept Gordon!! (That will get me into trouble!)

  3. Jack Bennett says:

    Love these cars. Thanks for sharing your travel adventures. Angie

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