You can never be too rich or too thin

The best time to see them is at dusk, when they emerge from their suites en masse and head for their second home, the cocktail lounge. A walking parade of near skeletal women of a certain age with skin drawn so tightly over their bones there is hardly a wrinkle to be seen, except on the back of their hands, which no surgeon, no matter how well paid, can get rid of. The sun is not their friend and those daylight hours are kept for visits to clinics, spas and salons.

They have starved themselves to what they consider to be perfection – they have not eaten a thing all day and it is time to come out and graze on a couple of arugula leaves, or if they are particularly hungry perhaps an entire carrot.

But more importantly still, they need to follow their doctors’ advice and drink some water. That comes in the form of an ice cube dropped into their vodka. They all learned an important lesson many years ago. A shot of vodka may have 120 calories but it has zero carbohydrates. They order their drinks and ask for a bowl of peanuts. The vodka is inhaled rapidly, the peanuts are never touched. They are purely for show.

They wear beautifully tailored tight fitting dresses in either black or cream with not a splash of colour or an adornment to be seen. The dresses are sleeveless allowing everyone to admire their bony shoulders, and skeletal arms, and finish above their equally bony knees. No ordinary woman of a similar age would ever dream of wearing such a style, but these are no ordinary women.

Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities “society X-rays” are alive and well (although they don’t look it) and taking a world cruise of 180 days on Seabourn’s equally elegant ship, the Sojourn.

It is day 80 of the world cruise and we have joined them in Sydney. We are only doing 24 days and feel very much the poor relatives. A feeling that is encouraged by these stick women who completely ignore us. We are interlopers in a world we know nothing about.

Ed: Sorry…… but it took a lot to dissuade The Fabulous Blogger from including “passengers of the week” pics which could have resulted in expensive lawsuits!

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9 Responses to You can never be too rich or too thin

  1. Robert King says:

    Andrew, your writing is superior each and every day thank you for the stirring blog on skeleton women. I know what you mean both Larry and I leave this Sunday, March 12 out of Miami on only 10 days but we also will have the skeletal women aboard. I might be one of them I’ve only had three arugula leaves since arriving here yesterday keep up the great work it’s so starts our day each and every day. Thank you so much we love you.

  2. bob colin says:

    Excellent! An image my world has never revealed…a strong, troubling, painful image. Excellent.

  3. David Asmodeus says:

    Too bad about the lack of « passengers of the week » pics. Maybe they could be privately forwarded? Just for the clothes of course…

  4. Sue Smith says:

    You have such a talent for writing in a way that makes one completely visualize what you are actually seeing. However I have to say that a cruise like that is not one I care to join. Glad you two are having fun! Meanwhile we’ll soon be headed for our own paradise which is right near your beautiful home in Puerto Vallarta.

  5. jane says:

    This Saul Bellow quote comes to mind. Women eat green salads for lunch and drink human blood. Be careful.

  6. andrew says:

    Jane – That’s why no photos!

  7. Maxine says:

    I really miss the photos! 🤣 However you have such a fabulous way of describing things I can see these ladies in my minds eye! 🥰

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