Our last breakfast with Joany

Breakfast is becoming quite the little social club with the five of us making the best of each others company and enjoying the moment. We have bumped into Bob and Nancy a couple of times outside of the B and B and shared our thoughts on Joany. So now when Joany arrives in the very same embroidered jeans that she was wearing yesterday there has to be a concerted effort to keep a straight face.
In an effort to divert our thoughts away from Joany’s jeans,Nancy reveals that she doesn’t actually serve breakfast at her Bed and Breakfast. She is the antitheses of Joany and does not want to socialize with her guests . She is famous for leaving her guests notes on a large blackboard. Her place is out in the country and she keeps chickens and ducks as pets.
Bob and Nancy spend part of the week together and part of it apart. Bob bought two condos and built two more and lives off the rents from those. He is a contractor but only works infrequently and then only for trade, and the only trade he is interested in, is Art. He is also an enthusiastic musician and has with him a ukulele. It is a beautiful instrument handcrafted out of a cigar box by a well known craftsman in Kentucky. It is signed by the artist and dedicated to Bob.
Bob tells us that he takes it with him everywhere as it is the least expensive instrument he owns. He is not shy about bringing it to the table and playing something for us. We have noticed him playing over the last couple of days, whenever he has a quiet moment.
Brad tells us that he is a grant writer and does a lot of work for aids charities. He can travel a lot because his work can be done anywhere as long as he has his computer with him
It is a diverse crowd, but somehow it works.

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