Don’t cry for me, Argentina

After two weeks, it is time to say good bye to Buenos Aires

It is a city full of beautiful buildings that would be perfectly at home in any major European City

French Embassy

French Embassy

of graffiti that ruins them


of romantic tree lined streetsP1000180

of flowering trees


of fabulous bookstores

Once a movie theatre, now a bookshop

Once a movie theatre, now a bookshop

and their amazing cafes

Theatre stage/bookshop cafe

Theatre stage/bookshop cafe

of a world class opera house

Teatro Colon Lounge

Teatro Colon

Of fabulous Tango dancers performing on the street


of not so fabulous tango dancers

tango dancer

of women who love shoes


of dashingly handsome men of all ages


of overworked dog walkers



and of surprising art galleries that we decide not to visitP1000251

Goodbye Argentina, it’s been fun. Evita Sign

But don’t cry for me, there is so much more to come

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4 Responses to Don’t cry for me, Argentina

  1. says:

    I cry for you baby…Odilo

  2. Colette says:

    sweet portrait – I enjoyed the city (through G & A eyes)

  3. Patricia Campbell says:

    Daggone, I knew there had to be tango dancers and wonderfully handsome men there. You told me I had been reading the wrong blogs. Clearly not, you just took your sweet time to pass along.

  4. Patricia Campbell says:

    As an afterthought, art takes many forms, so why not galleries. Concentrate on the word “forms”, eh. bad Pat.

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