Passenger of the Week returns

It has been years since I offered a “Passenger of the Week”. It was always one of the most popular posts, but I had to retire it when social media become such that my chosen passenger of the week might find themselves the centre of unwanted attention.

We are in the Dominican Republic, docked across the quay from the “Wonder of the Seas”, one of the new Royal Caribbean mega ships that holds well over 7000 passengers and 2500 crew (our ship carries 1200 passengers and 800 crew). As we pull into the quay there is what feels like a total solar eclipe caused by the mammoth Wonder of the Seas blocking all light from our ship. The view from our suite now comprises rows and rows of tiny balconies. On one of them stands a gentleman who clearly cares little for his privacy.

Hence the passenger of the week returns, BRIEFly!

And with that I will sign off and wish you a Happy 2023.

I will be back in a couple of months – when we will be in Australia. So be warned!

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3 Responses to Passenger of the Week returns

  1. Pat Campbell says:

    Will miss your jocularity.


  2. andrew says:

    Pat, I have missed yours too. Where have you been ?

  3. Susan Sandulak says:

    Its so nice to travel vicarously with you

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