the blog is forced into silence – for a while!

Dear Readers,

I am having a technical hitch. I cannot get photos to upload to the blog. Several great minds (Gordon and I) have been working on the problem, with no success. The internet is really slow onboard ship so we are hoping that is the problem.

There are only three days left on our cruise, and then we fly home,  so I am going to stop the blog here.

It is a great disappointment as we have spent a couple of days in Greenland, which is well worth writing about, and I took a helicopter ride which deposited me on top of a glacier – which set the fabulosity meter ringing wildly. But without photos to prove it there seems little point in writing.

So sadly I bid you all adieu until our next adventures

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3 Responses to the blog is forced into silence – for a while!

  1. bob colin says:

    The technical issues are all too familiar. Thanks for the Fabulous adventure. It was great fun. Enjoy!

  2. Mike says:

    I am pretty sure it is the slow satellite internet they use on ships. Why don’t you post it once you get back home? We would LOVE to see the rest of your story!!

  3. Robert king says:

    Safe travels home thanks for the delightful blogs

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